Soul - Zamna Community Membership

Discover our new Zamna Community membership plan to enjoy exclusive benefits for all Zamna events around the world. Choose the membership that best suits you and enjoy backstage access for all Zamna events Worldwide, only-members wild parties, the best VIP Tables, exclusive autographed merchandising, unreleased music and much more. More than an experience, a way to share and meet new people together with the Community.

Each Zamna collectible represents one of the five elements of life in the Mayan Community, in which the Mayans raised their gods and explained the principle of creation and nature. The importance of the five elements’ theory lies in the fact that they were considered the origin of everything and it was believed that the combination of them gave rise to the existence of the human being and the development of civilizations. Zamna Community was born from this union.

The soul, an invisible element that filled the space. The fifth element, called the "empty". For the Mayans, souls and the soul itself are all the energies, forces and concepts that act as bonds of union and mediation between man and his world. Tool for transmitting energies between the earthly and the transcendental. The Mayans believed in the immortality of the spirit, in another existence after the death of the body, in which they would continue to serve the gods in various places, determined by the way each person died.


  • Unlimited Family & Friends backstage access to all Zamna events around the world.
  • 30,000 USD to use in Zamna VIP Table service.
  • Fast Track in all Zamna events.
  • Exclusive Zamna Community only-members parties.
  • Unreleased music.
  • Exclusive merchandising.
  • Autographed Zamna T-Shirt by your favorite artists.
  • 40% OFF on all hotels and restaurants of the Zamna Group.
  • Part of your contribution is destined to support the Fundación Zamna A.C., which sponsors women and children in the Mayan Communities.
  • NFT Pixan by Moteh for free.

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