Was my purchase successful?

Make sure that the purchase has been successfully completed in the 'My tickets' section that you will find by accessing your Account. We will send you two e-mails, one of them with the proof of purchase and another one with the Tickets in PDF to print them or download them to your cell phone. The sending of this email is immediate, however, the reception time also depends on how the destination server processes the email; if after 10 minutes you have not received it, please check your Spam folder (or Promotions folder if you have a Gmail account). If you do not receive this email, you can download your tickets from your account. If you do not receive this email and the tickets are not in your account, it is likely that your payment did not go through or that you have misspelled your email, in these cases it is recommended that you send us an email to verify your purchase.

Do the tickets physically arrive at my home address?

No, the tickets are only sent to the email address you registered in your account and you can also download them in the 'My Tickets' area.

I made a mistake when registering and bought the tickets.

If you made a mistake when registering your email, enter the user area and download the tickets. In the 'Information' option you can update correctly the email and/or change your password, you can also contact us via email or chat to modify your data.

I can't remember my password and I haven't received the email to reset it.

Contact our team via email or chat to reset it.

Why am I being asked for my personal information?

Our goal is to offer you a personalized and agile shopping experience. In addition, this way we can inform you of any changes in your purchase or in the event and of any improvements, offers and discounts that may be of interest to you. Rest assured, at RMP TIME we take special care in the protection of your data. Find out in detail what we do with your data and what your rights are in our web section Data Protection Policy.

Check your purchase history

Check the details of your purchases whenever you want, from the MY ACCOUNT section at the top right of our home page.

Cancellations and changes

At RMP TIME we offer you a comfortable, fast and safe way to buy tickets, acting as distributors and intermediaries between our clients and the promoters we work with. No refunds or returns are allowed, according to what is stipulated in our Terms and Conditions, but if you have made a mistake in the purchase, want to upgrade, change or cancel your ticket to add the balance to your wallet and buy at another time, you must contact us 72 hours before the event, otherwise we will not be able to assist you.

Management fees and commission

Management, service and distribution expenses are all the service provided by the platform to users to locate tickets, receive service and allow transactions. In case of changes or returns, the amount will not be refunded as they are independent operations.

Where can I see my wallet balance?

In the upper right part of your user account, you will find the available balance in your wallet in a green rectangle.


How can I recognize the charge for the tickets?

The charge should appear on your bank statement as RMP TIME TICKETS.

I can't buy tickets

Try to use a digital card and make your purchase from a secure browser, make sure your card has 3D Secure and that you entered the CVC correctly. Your card must meet the filters for secure online purchases and if it is rejected, you must choose another payment method such as bank transfer or cryptocurrencies.

How can I make the bank transfer?

Add the tickets you want to your shopping cart and continue with the purchase steps until you get to the payment method, select 'Payment by transfer', finalize the order and you will see the information of the account to which you must transfer, we recommend you to take a screenshot to save the data. Your order is awaiting review and may take 1 to 10 business days to be accepted. Make sure you have selected the correct country in your user information and write your ticket reference in the transfer.

I made a transfer but forgot to put my reference, what do I do?

Contact our team via email or chat attaching the transfer receipt and your purchase email.

What happens if I am the holder of the purchase and I am not going to the concert?

It will not be necessary to prove your identity. The QR Code and REFERENCE of each ticket are unique, so the person carrying it will be able to enter without proving to be the ticket holder. Make sure you do not share your ticket with anyone or on social networks to avoid misuse.

If I have credit in my Wallet account from past events, how can I use it to purchase new tickets?

Select the ticket you want and add it to the cart, follow the steps as a normal purchase, at checkout select PAY WITH WALLET and that will be deducted from your balance. If the ticket you wish to purchase is higher than the amount you have, you must first add balance to your wallet before the purchase in your profile settings 'My wallet'.

How do I add balance to my wallet?

In the MY ACCOUNT section, go to the 'MY WALLET' option and there you will find the 'ADD BALANCE' section, select the amount, add it and pay by card, transfer or cryptocurrency.

What is the difference between the general ticket and the VIP ticket?

The general ticket includes only the entrance to the event. The VIP ticket includes preferential entrance (one lane for faster access), separate restrooms and lounge area with the option to purchase bottle service. None of these tickets include access to the table area.

I bought a general admission ticket but I want a VIP ticket, how can I upgrade?

Please purchase the VIP ticket you want and then contact us with your purchase reference to make the refund of the first purchase.

How can I book a table or backstage tickets?

For everything related to tables and backstage, please contact vip@zamnafestival.com or vip@mrnicevip.com and ask for all the details.

What if my card was declined?

It is likely that you are not using a card with 3D Secure or that you typed the CVC incorrectly, try another payment method.

In my mobile banking the charge appears on my card but I didn’t receive my tickets.

If you did not receive the confirmation of your card purchase, it is likely that there was an error with your payment and your purchase was not successful, either because your card did not comply with the 3D Secure security filter or because you typed your CVC incorrectly. On some cards such as NU or Banco Azteca the charge may appear for a few days on your bank statement and then disappear. Try to make your purchase with another payment method.

Can I resell my ticket?

If you will not be attending, you can give or sell your ticket to another person without the need to request a name change, you only need to send that person your PDF file and with that he/she will be able to access. Remember that once you have sent it, you will no longer be able to use it because the other person will enter with the QR and in access control only 1 ticket can be valid. Do not share the photo of your ticket on social networks, as there may be a misuse of your information.

Can I buy a ticket on resale?

From Mr Nice VIP and Zamna we do not support and are not responsible for the resale and invalidity of tickets derived from it. We always recommend buying from our website and only from official authorized sellers that Zamna publishes on their social networks. Let's avoid fraud.


I already bought my Multipass/Full Pass, how can I redeem it?

Check the redemption instructions by clicking here and make sure you add the reference and the number of tickets correctly.

How do I know which parties I can exchange my Multipass or Full Pass for?

You can exchange your Multipass for ALL available events in the 'Exchange Multipass' tab. With the Multipass the limit is 3 redemptions and with the Full Pass the limit is 8.

How do I know if my redemption was successful?

After exchanging, your order is put on hold; you will receive an email once the system reviews it and confirms if the exchange was correct or incorrect. The time can vary from 24 to 48 hours.

Until when can I redeem my Multipass or Full Pass?

The limit for redemption is 48 hours before the event, unless the tickets available for Multipass redemption for a specific event are SOLD OUT.

Can 1 Multipass be used for 3 people to enter the same event?

Yes, you can use your ticket exchanges as you wish.

I exchanged and only received 1 ticket, does that ticket cover all 3 people?

No, the tickets are individual. If you want to redeem for 3 people, you must have 3 tickets.

I selected 2 exchanges and I only needed one, how do I cancel it?

Please contact our team via chat or email.

Can I modify the exchanges I made?

Yes, please contact our team via chat or email.


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